Deleted apps off my phone

I recently deleted most apps off my phone.


  • Games
  • Productivity apps
  • Gadgets and gizmos

Any apps I couldnt delete I put in a folder marked “unused” which is out of sight.

What I currently use my phone for:

  • making calls (rarely)
  • texting (slightly more frequently)
  • taking pictures (now and then of cool stuff especially nature)
  • shooting video for Studio Scratches
  • taking notes for ideas and blog posts
  • reading ebooks
  • waking me up on work days (a nice mellow sound)

That is pretty much it!

The result

  • I am more focused on other things and way less distracted.
  • I have space to think about thing
  • I am more aware of my surroundings
  • I am no longer so tied to a device

Other Notes

I aim to have my phone out of sight when I am with others – no checking of anything! This allows full attention on the present moment and the other person.

From the surface I might appear to be another droid walking around with a smart phone at times, however all the things I do on it are serving other creative purposes and adding value to my life.

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