Embracing the Inner Kid

Today I went for a walk around a park.

Half way round I spotted a kids playground with a zip wire big enough for an adult sized kid at heart.

I thought twice and opted for the first thought.

I glanced around to see if anyone was watching then went in the park and zipped along the zip line. Repeatedly.


The second thought I ignored was talking nonsense along the lines of:

  • You’re too old for that!
  • What if someone sees you?
  • It’s only for kids!
  • You might get in trouble!
  • Grow up!
I’m glad I ignored the second thought and did something that the kid in me really needed to do today.
Although the zip line was fun, it was more of a rush to ignore the second thought and go ahead anyway.
Maybe my inner kid can trust me to listen some more.

I wonder if any other people walking by today really wanted a zip down the zip line?

Here is a little video of the experience.

How will you have fun today?


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