Everyone Has Something / Everyone Is Better Than Me

In my experience, everyone has something to give.

I love to “circle” people in the physical and the virtual, sometimes with a blending of the two.

I once heard the phrase “spend time with people better than you”. A statement I partially agree with.

Partially because of the use and context of the word “better”.

How would I define someone as “better” than me?

Possible definitions could include:

  • More skills
  • More experience
  • More successful

However, I feel that essentially each human is no “better” than another. There is no “better”, just different, more experienced, less experienced, different life perspectives.

Thinking of people in terms of “better” can lead to comparing myself, which usually only leads to trouble in my mind.

On the flip side, everyone actually is “better” than me in at least one way and often in many ways.

This means that I can learn many things from every single person in life daily. Even if sometimes they are an example of what not to do.

I find that, less experienced younger people often have high levels of enthusiasm and a fresh outlook, a certain raw energy.

They have the benefit of beginners mind, they often see things differently.

They refresh and inspire me, ask questions, like “why”, make me feel uncomfortable and challenge me.

How fascinating and what an opportunity for growth.

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