Free Daily Letter Update

I have a small update to the free daily letter.

I have decided after much thought to change the ‘free daily letter’ to simply ‘the free letter’.

This will be sent out in the same way as before, whenever I have written something new.

This only difference is that instead of daily, this may be daily, it may be every other day, it may be weekly.

I am writing everyday, but won’t always publish here.

The reason for this is I would like to make sure that you receive my highest quality writing possible and gives me more time and space to grow without the arbitrary goal of publishing daily affecting what I am doing. Consider this an experiment. It feels right at this moment.

I’d like my writing to grow slowly with me rather than putting more pressure on it than is necessary.

Writing daily was a real achievement for me and very worthwhile but the time has come to evolve.

I hope that you understand where I am coming from on this one and are along for the journey as always.

Beyond The Surface continues weekly as usual and contains the deeper explorations.

Thanks for reading!

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