Getting Over “Writers Block”

I haven’t written much lately.

I finally got over what some might call ‘writers block’ last night.

Here is my suggestion list of what worked for me:

  • Write SOMETHING, anything.
  • Write about something you don’t care about, something you have no attachment to, just to get in the flow again.
  • Write a list. About anything.
  • Play with words, write random words in handwriting.
  • Write some things you did in bullet points.
  • Write a journal. Not long, maybe even bullet points as above.
  • Take a walk.
  • Get outside.
  • Do something worth writing about, staring at a screen won’t help.
  • See the world.
  • Ask some questions on your favourite social gathering space.
  • Talk it out. If you have things on your mind, that you cannot seem to write about, how about talking it out with someone who will listen. I mean really listen. Many times I find it enough simply to verbalise it and then POW, its out and gone and life can move on.

Refuse to believe in writer’s block. That’s just an excuse we tell ourselves and we know it!

What will you write today?

Let me know in my comments here.

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