I Deleted Twitter

Yesterday I deleted my three twitter accounts:


I never really spent much time on twitter.

When I did, I never really seemed to get the hang of it or notice much impact on my work. I didn’t have the time to invest in learning how to use it properly.

I think I joined twitter at a time just as everything was changing and new features were coming out, which made it more complex and not so great to use.

The Result

  • One less thing for me to worry about
  • One less social network to interact with
  • A greater focus around the networks I do use
  • More space for me to think and create, a running theme as a result of me deleting things


At the moment my facebook group for Studio Scratches and G+ are doing the job. The Studio Scratches group seem slower to adopt G+ but other areas on G+ are booming.

What is your experience?

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