I Write vs I am a Writer

I recently received a comment on G+

“good writers such as yourself make small, simple things interesting to read about.”

Wow. I have never been referred to as a ‘writer’ before.

This got me thinking about many things, some of which I will be exploring in more detail in the future here.

Today I would simply like to explore the term ‘writer’.

Am I a writer? What is a writer? How do I know if I am? If I am not, will I one day all of a sudden come to the realisation that I am?

I am many things. One of the things I do is write, that is for certain. Good somedays, bad other days, needs improvement others. A touch of wonderful the next. Always growing. Ever changing. Sometimes overwhelming.

Perhaps the practice and physical act of writing then is what makes me a writer.

I am a writer because I write, not because someone tells me I am, or because I get external validation, although this is always great to hear. I certainly haven’t passed any test that makes me a qualified writer.

I am really very happy if you enjoy my words and join me on my journey, but this is not my sole motivation. If it were, this might change what I write as I try and cater to differing readers needs.

I write also because it adds to my own life. It is a way of expressing and connecting with others through shared experiences, or reflections around situations similar to us both.

I aim to share from my own experience and invite you in, without telling you what you should or shouldn’t do.

I’ll keep writing! ‘Writer’ or not!

I’ll be exploring writing in more detail in Beyond the Surface today.

Do you write? Do you consider yourself a writer?

I would love to hear your thoughts here.


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