Keep on Sharing

Today I learnt a lesson.

Sometimes I wonder how much of an impact my work is making.

My desire is to help others through the mediums of writing and music.

Sometimes, what I do might not feel very groundbreaking or seem like is very important.

I am learning to ignore these false emotions.

Sharing my experience can provide insight and encouragement to others.

How do I know this?

Over the last 2 days I received 2 individual messages from 2 different people to say that some posts I had written had really helped them take steps with moving forwards and clearing out old work.

It is always humbling to receive these messages.

What is not new for me might be new for someone else.

Keep experimenting, keep sharing.

Thanks for reading today.

One thought on “Keep on Sharing

  1. Good post – I agree. Many times I feel like who am I to write stuff and offer advice. I think of all the people out there who know more than me. But, then there are lots of people who know less, and we can actually help them more than many more advanced experts, because we were at their level very recently, so we can communicate better to them the incremental steps they can take to improve.

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