Learning, learning, learning

Today about 4 people inspired and helped me with photography for which I am very grateful. I didn’t know there was so much I didn’t know.

After the shoot / play on the rocky beach, I was discussing how my photos looked with them both and I expressed a few difficulties and that I hadn’t got them looking how I imagined. Turns out I needed a UV filter so I picked one up today along with a simple lens cleaning kit. One also suggested this free photography course┬áso I’m signed up and ready to learn as much as I can.

I also now need a decent camera bag for all these extra bits I never knew I needed. Sigh. More stuff!

The overall goal is to keep it simple, travel light and snap interesting stuff. I’m loving nature and shooting close up objects.

I’m not keen to be an all out “photographer” or have tons of gear. I just want to have enough to get onto camera what my eyes see. The eyes really are the ultimate camera lenses in so many ways.

It’s quite a journey and I have sooooo much to learn! But that is the fun of it.

Practice makes better I heard Kal Barteski say.

Hopefully now I know better, I’ll do better. Ok enough quotes!

Here is some practice:

Onwards and upwards!

Have a great day.

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