Nothing New Ever Happens

Have you ever felt stuck? Felt like nothing ever changes? You try, but your days seem to repeat much the same? I know how you feel.

I headed out in the car, to a familiar hill, at an unfamiliar hour.

I have driven the route many a time, always the same. Nothing new here.

Except tonight, a small difference. A “Police, Slow” sign in the road.

As I turned around the corner I was greeted by a recovery truck with lights flashing.

Oh, and a man stood in the middle of the road dressed up as a lion, drinking a bottle of beer. Now that’s new and unexpected.

The lion approached my now stationary car and casually informed me that a car had gone over the verge, no one hurt, and it wouldn’t be too long.

“Thanks”, I said, much bemused, asking what the occasion was, meaning, why the hell are you dressed like a lion and drinking beer in the middle of the road?

Just a standard Saturday night. That and some country dancing event.

With that, out of the car in front appeared the Tin Man and the Scarecrow.

I smiled.

Then on top the hill, the hill that is always the same, a stacked rock formation had magically appeared:


It was as if the universe was saying, everything is possible, new things are only just around the corner and you never know what they might be. You cannot even imagine what they might be.

I’m off to see the wizard anyway.

Until next time.


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