On The Move

Yesterday I left my usual home to look after a friends house for a couple of weeks.

I have been reading about Ev Bogue and Gwen Bell hitting the road from Seattle to San Francisco and it got me thinking about what I do when I travel.

I noticed some similarities in their experiences with mine.

When packing the previous night, I felt drawn to put a scented candle in my bag. I once read that the memory part of the brain is right next to the smell part of the brain and that is the reason why smells trigger memories.

This can be particularly settling when you arrive in a new location and things are unfamiliar.

I packed very little; a bag of clothes, essential toiletries, no hair dryer or fancy electronics besides my laptop and phone.

Things I noticed since minimising:

  • It took me very little time to pack – I knew where everything was – clothes in my wardrobe, washkit in the bathroom.
  • It was way less stressful.
  • I didn’t pack for every eventuality.
  • I felt settled very quickly and was soon out and about experiencing the sunshine and other goodness.

I unpacked in 10 minutes and am sat here writing to you.

I feel at home already.

Breathing deep. Relaxed.

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