Making a Difference

“All it takes to make a difference is the courage to stop proving I was right in being unable to make a difference … to stop assigning cause for my inability to the circumstances outside of myself and to be willing to have been that way, and to see that the fear of being a failure is a lot less important than the unique opportunity I have to make a difference”

– Werner Erhard

Work vs Rest

The great French Impressionist painter, Monet sat in his garden on a warm afternoon. He was napping lightly on his garden bench, with the sunlight dappling gently through the straw hat resting over his face. It was soft and warm on his closed eyelids. He sighs contentedly. A nosy neighbor poked his head over the fence, keen to know what the brilliant artist was up to now. “Sir, you are resting!” the curious neighbor called out. “No”, responded Monet, wriggling to get even more comfortable on his reclining garden chair. “I am working.” He relaxed further as the mild breeze tickled the hair on his forearms.

Monet returned to his garden the next day. Consumed by the urge to translate his feelings onto the canvas, he painted with great energy and focus. He was inspired and paint flowed. Again the nosy neighbor poked his head over the fence. He called out, “Sir, you are working!”

“No,” said the artist, barely pausing with his brush, “I am resting”.

– As told by Alana Fairchild in Sacred Rebel Deck Book

Sunset Barrel

The best way to watch a sunset 🌅

Posted by World Surf League on Thursday, April 27, 2017

Thoughts and The Ego

“When your thoughts become your identity that is called ego. Ego is a case of mistaken identity. You believe that the illusory thoughts that come and go are your true self. Your true self is the dimension of you that does not come and go.”

– Dicken Bettinger – Coming Home

It’s Great to Suck At Something

From my coach Gary:

"When I do catch a wave and feel the glide, I’ll hold onto that feeling for hours, days or even weeks. I’m hooked on the…

Posted by Gary L Mahler on Saturday, April 29, 2017

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