Rodney Mullen: Pop an ollie and innovate!

SK8 or die!

“There is an intrinsic value to creating something for the sake of creating it. There is this beauty to dropping it into a community of your own making and seeing it dispersed and seeing younger, more talented; different talent, taking it to levels you cannot even imagine, because that lives on.”

Rodney, you are a legend!

INTO BLISS – Jordan Rodin

Into Bliss is a short inception into the mind of Jordan Rodin and an ode to the notion of free friction surfing.

Far away from the competitive and commercial nature of surfing, and heavily inspired by Finless surfer Derek Hynd, Jordan embraces a free roaming approach, rekindling the emotions of why he fell in love with surfing in the first place. For the fun of it. No rules. No constraints. Into Bliss is an insight to the joys of free friction surfing and the sensations embraced by Jordan Rodin for his love of the ocean.

A Short film by Pierre David & Douglas Guillot, featuring Jordan Rodin.

Inspiration, Inspire, Inspired, Inspiring

I love inspiration, being inspired, inspiring others and being an inspiration.

The word inspiration gets banded about quite a bit, so here is the definition:

  • Fill someone with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.
  • Create a feeling, especially a positive one in a person.
  • (Inspire someone with) animate someone with a feeling.
  • Give rise to.
  • Breathe in (air); inhale.


And I love the succinct definition my coach Karen gave me:

“Inspire is to breathe divine life into; to motivate action or a positive feeling in another person. Filling someone with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.”

That is what I live for; to inspire myself first (not always the case and I still often forget) and then others.

Image credit: Emma Paillex

Where Dolphins Dance

Where Dolphins Dance

The work starts
As soon as you open your eyes in the

Hopefully you got
Some good rest last night.

Why go into the city or the fields
Without first kissing
The Friend

Who always stands at your door?
It takes only a second.

Habits are human nature –
Why not create some that will mint

Your arms are violin bows
Always moving.

I have become very conscious upon
Whom we all play.

Thus my eyes have filled with warm
Soft oceans of divine music

Where jeweled dolphins dance
Then leap into this

– Hafiz