Painting The Town

I love going into art & stationery shops.

I once read that it is good practice to take yourself on a “creative excursion” and indulge in some things that you love but maybe didn’t realise yet. New things that maybe you haven’t tried before.

I will be writing about this particular excursion later today in this week’s Beyond the Surface letter.

I am not very artistic in the painter type way, but I do go to this particular art supplier to pick up my A4 notebook of choice, for writing in.

I spotted these montana gold spray cans which delighted my visual senses.

Apparently often a graffiti artists spray can of choice, I felt like buying the whole set and spray painting the whole town bright.

Not something I actually decided to follow through with physically, but my inner child was thrilled and giggled in amusement at the idea. Enough to put a big smile on my face.

What does an ideal creative excursion look like for you?

Would you be willing to share with me here?


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