Raising Prices

I recently raised my prices on all my digital products I create for Studio Scratches.


The prices didn’t reflect the effort that had gone into making them and the value people get out of them.

Whilst they do attract many casual customers, I would rather attract people that really value what I do and the products I create to help them with their DJ practice. These customers usually return as repeat buyers for all new products.

Otherwise my cheap products become just lost amongst all the many other cheap products.

I want people to use my products deliberately not just buy them because they are cheap.

My guiding force is always for people to receive more in value than the actual price they pay.

I get people writing to me everyday wanting free information, information that I have spent 12 years researching and working out for myself. I don’t mind sharing and helping out, but perhaps it is time to value what I do more highly and put a better price on it. Then it becomes a win win situation for all involved.

The people that really want to know more are usually happy to pay and support what I do, the rest move on to the next person offering everything for free.

I used to release a free something every week. I put 2-3 days work into it. People hadn’t had time to fully digest the first freebie when I released the next. The value was seriously diluted.

Since I slowed down on the release of products, my work has a higher value. I don’t break myself trying to respond to everyone. Instead I consider what people are asking and how I can make this into a product or fully featured post that benefits a lot of people including myself. I’m always thinking win win.

As I write this post, I received a bulk order for 8 items, all paid for and delivered digitally without me doing a thing, as if to confirm I am on the right track. It’s so awesome when that happens.

Is it time for you to raise your prices?

Have you ever done this? What were the results?

You can tell me in the comments below or on G+.


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