Shooting for the Stars

Today I got out and about with my Canon 600D.

It was raining and grim but it’s always good to get off the beaten track.

After a quick tour around some local hills and valleys, the rain hadn’t stopped so I opted for tea and biscuits (oops!) in the warm.

I’ve been learning quite a bit about my camera and photography in general.

Things got interesting today when I shot some pics of the sunset and got to grips with more camera settings, then I decided to see if I could capture some stars in the ‘magic hour’.


You can see the full set here.

The 2 super bright stars planets that look like stars are Jupiter and Venus and apparently will be appearing closer and closer together as the days progress.

It was really very relaxing, standing in the cold, fresh air, waiting 30 seconds for the shutter and each image to appear. It was so quiet and still. I could get used to taking these. I love the wispy blurred clouds. Clouds always make sunsets and skies more interesting in small amounts!

I edited one of the photos with some typography which will be featured on Be Deliberate tomorrow. Make sure you get signed up if you want it in your inbox.

Thats all for today.

Night night!

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