Simple Pleasure: Izumi Omori Artwork

I stumbled upon this card yesterday which brought a brightness to my day, refreshing my tired eyes:

I can almost taste the salt sea air and feel the flowers waving in the breeze.


I discovered Izumi Omori’s work this summer in the small towns of St Ives and St Just, both situated in the far western part of Cornwall, UK. An area that I find simply magical. Aside from the clear blue water and September surf, there is a deep history of tin mining and tales of smuggling and treachery amidst the sea mists and rugged landscape that most people have only experienced through a certain pirate movie.

Such a simple pleasure, the vibrant colours and textures were just what I needed to make me stop and smile.

If you appreciate it you may like to dive a little deeper into Izumi’s work here.

What simple thing / experience has brought you joy today?

Would you be willing to share with me here?


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