The Best Time is Tea Time

I recently read How To Travel with Tea by Gwen Bell, which caused me to reflect on my own tea habit.

My tea of choice is Dragonfly Vanilla Rooibos:

It is caffeine free which is great for me, as the rate at which I drink tea would cause me heart palpitations. I speak from experience on this point.

I love that I can this tea drink tea right before bed, yet still fall asleep without my heart racing.

There is something special about the vanilla aroma. I find it luxurious and comforting.

When I travel, I usually take my own bone china mug and teabags. It makes me feel instantly at home.

Whilst in St Ives this summer, the apartment I was staying in provided tea with this quote printed on the back which sums it up perfectly:

And relax…

I am on the lookout for a teabag travel case, tiny and compact. Can you recommend one?

What is your tea of choice?


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