The Gift of Attention

I have just started reading Permission Marketing by Seth Godin.

Seth talks about brands and marketers competing for our attention in more and more ways.

It got me thinking.

Our attention and time truly is a gift to whoever or whatever we are engaging with.

It is not a right, as most brands and marketing seem to assume, rather it is a privilege.

If I see it this way, I am grateful for every interaction, for you reading this.

I must treat the attention and time of others with full respect. This includes asking permission wherever possible.

Often people talk to me when I am unable to give my full attention because I am in the middle of something. I feel it would be better to say, ‘I really want to give you my full attention, but right now I am unable to. Would you be willing to talk in 10 minutes once I have done this? That way I can really listen.’ This would allow a relaxing on both sides and deeper communication.

I would prefer to someone say this to me rather than half heartedly offer me a fraction of their full attention whilst my demand on their attention adds to their moment of pressure.

This week my challenge is to give full attention.

Thank you for giving me yours today.

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