The Most Precious Time of All

I recently caught this advert on the occasional TV that I watch.

As I recall I wasn’t even watching, I was just setting a movie to record for later viewing.

“Holidays are the most precious time of all, let this be a lesson”

What about the other 50 weeks of the year?

I feel that the most precious time of all is right now.

It is here for the experiencing, awaiting mindfulness and my full attention.

I understand the feeling that holidays give and that it is essential to have a break.

How wonderful to spend a whole week with family and loved ones.

How about spending a wonderful right now with them?

Giving the gift of listening and full attention.

We joke in our family about “everyday holiday”, stemming from a guest who stayed and marvelled at the way we enjoyed ourselves everyday with simple pleasures, as if we were on holiday.

If everyday is a holiday, then I don’t need to spend money travelling half way around the world.

Holidays and travel can of course be fun and amazing, I love it as much as the next person, but it is not at all necessary in order to experience precious moments every single day.

Now is the most precious time of all, let this be a lesson.

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