The Sun Always Rises*

*based on my experience so far.

Today I witnessed an incredible sunrise. Golden beams of light and a red and orange streaky sky painted with clouds lit up at about 7.45am, followed moments later by a giant fireball peeking above a ridge of hills. All whilst driving along. I smiled and breathed it in. It was a fleeting moment and I wondered if humans have always appreciated the beauty of seeing the sun rise. There is even a salute to the sun in Yoga.

It got me thinking.

Right now in the Northern Hemisphere we are faced with darkening mornings and nights drawing in earlier. Many people go to work in the dark and come home in the dark, as the earth tilts on it’s axis slowly away from the sun for the autumn and winter months.

However, the sun still rises everyday. It gets light every single day. Wow.

At the moment I am hanging on to this. It helps when I wake up in the dark hours to know that the darkness is merely temporary.

At lunch time, when all is light and I wander outside for some minutes of air, the dark morning is just a distant memory and the evening is still way off.

One benefit of the dark nights is that it allows me to focus on my work without feeling like I should be outside making the most of the sun and the heat. Time to press on.

I’m embracing the temporary darkness in the knowing that lightness is just around the corner.

2 thoughts on “The Sun Always Rises*

  1. They are two sides of the same coin. We have to embrace them both. We should be thankful for both the light and the dark. Try to have no preferences. Then, we won’t be down or take it personally if there is a cloudy / rainy day.

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