Time to Fill Up

Sometimes, I have nothing to say, or at least I think this is so. I avoid the work (writing).

When this occurs, I know I need to fill up.

I do this with gentle walks, peace and quiet, and seeking out other like minded positive people, both in real life and through their writing, online and offline.

This morning I filled up with a 5 minute walk across a car park on my way to work.

It was ice cold, which I would normally not appreciate to say the least, but as the sun rose to light up the sky and as I was bundled up with a scarf and layers upon layers, I couldn’t be anything but content.

I took some deep breaths as the sun hit my face and I felt the ground beneath my feet.

The wind was so cold that my eyes watered, but it was just the fresh start to the day that I needed.

I find that taking time to stop throughout the day and reflect in a time gap I have, however small, resets my brain before I enter the demands of the next moment, whatever that might be.

How do you fill up in limited time frames?

I would love to hear your thoughts here.


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