Untethering* from Hair Electronics

I recently have drastically cut down my use of hair dryers and hair straighteners to almost never. The last time I used them was 2 weeks ago.


When I went on holiday to St Ives, I was staying right near the beach, doing lots of walking around in the fresh sea air. The moisture just meant that straightening my hair was a complete waste of time – as soon as I went out it frizzed right up.

It got me thinking. Why fight the natural? Why not go with the flow? My hair is naturally curly, why not embrace and make the most of it?

From then on I just let it do it’s thing, tamed only slightly by the minimum of hair product.

My new no effort routine:

  • wash hair in the shower
  • wrap in a towel for a few mins
  • put in some¬†Moroccan¬†oil and a tiny bit of curl creme
  • leave to dry naturally or overnight whilst sleeping
  • wake up
  • throw it up with a clip
  • job done!
  • saves time in my morning routine
  • saves energy / power
  • my hair is less damaged by heat
  • less electronic things to keep tidy and dust free
  • I travel light
Maybe I can apply this concept to other areas of my life. Maybe you can to yours.

The funny thing is that I get way more comments from people saying they like my curly hair which takes no time at all, than I ever did when I spent all that time straightening it.

I may use them occasionally in the future when going out in the evenings but right now I’m enjoying the freedom of not spending so much time drying and styling. More time to create and just be.*Note – I borrowed the term “untethering” from Ev Bogue.

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