What I’m Reading

I am currently reading 102 Free Things to Do: Inspiring Things For a Better Life by Alex Quick.

My dear old Dad (as he refers to himself, to me he’s just my dear Dad!) told me about this book.

He has an uncanny knack of picking out books with amazing covers and amazing content to match.

We all go on at him about the number of books he has, but I secretly love his collection.

I certainly wasn’t looking for more things to do when he mentioned it to me, but it is a wonderful book.

It is full of simple little ideas that can really impact your life.

Some of my favourites include:

  • Ask a child for advice
  • Go out and look at the stars
  • Notice when things have improved

Accompanying each idea, which is just a page or two, is a small illustration. It adds additional life to the writing.

The one thing from this book that I am working on right now: “Give up craving for recognition (and be admired for it)”. More on this in Beyond The Surface.

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