Aloha! I’m Emma Holmes

Here I share the things that inspire and light me up.

I have a passion for creating and being on purpose.

I help people to live life on purpose and create the life they want and dream of at Be Deliberate and I coach one on one clients at EmmaHolmesCoaching.com

School Of Scratch – I created and run one of the world’s leading online Scratch DJ Schools and community which helps people learn how to scratch DJ, using my complete set of video tutorials which form my ultimate ‘how to scratch’ DJ course.

What others say about me

I am honoured to share these words of reflection of who I am from my own coaches:

You are pure of heart.
You have boundless joy and delight in possibility.
You are gentle and spacious.
To be around you is to be at Canoes, Waikiki at sunset and to feel like the sparkles on the top of the waves as the ocean gentles for the night.
You see people’s sparkles which makes them/us light up around you and emit more light.
You are grace and softness, wrapped up in the body of a super cool sporty tomboy who loves to play.

– Karen Pery

I introduce to you Queen Emma. She is a visionary, an online business genius, a scratch DJ guru, a prolific surfer and skater, and the founder of the BE Deliberate movement.
Emma brings Aloha to the world everywhere she goes and has created a prolific freedom based lifestyle. The fact that she still creates this in lockdown is truly amazing!

– Gary Mahler

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