Unmistakable: Why Only Is Better Than Best

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Stop trying to beat everyone else. True success is playing by your own rules, creating work that no one can replicate. Don’t be the best, be the only.

You’re on the conventional path, checking off accomplishments. You might be doing okay by normal standards, but you still feel restless, bored, and limited.

Srinivas Rao gets it. As a new business school graduate, Srinivas’s dreams were crushed by a soulless job that demanded only conformity. Sick of struggling to keep his head above water, Srinivas quit his job and took to the waves, pursuing his dream of learning to surf.

He also found the freedom to chart his own course. Interviewing more than five hundred creative people on his Unmistakable Creative podcast was the ultimate education. He heard how guests including Seth Godin, Elle Luna, Tim Ferriss, Simon Sinek, and Danielle LaPorte blazed their own trails. Srinivas blends his own story with theirs to tell you: You can find that courage too. Don’t be just one among many—be the only. Be unmistakable.

Trying to be the best will chain you to others’ definition of success. Unmistakable work, on the other hand, could only have been created by one person, so competition is irrelevant. Like Banksy’s art or Tim Burton’s films, unmistakable work needs no signature and has no precedent.

Whether you’re a business owner, an artist, or just someone who wants to leave your mark on the world, Unmistakable will inspire you to create your own path and define your own success.

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The true story of how I came to own a copy of this awesome book.

I opened the mailer this this book arrived in and didn’t remember ordering it. No invoice, no packing slip. I shrugged it off, putting it down to forgetting a pre-order. It turned out I couldn’t remember ordering it because I didn’t. It later came to light, as I shared this image on Instagram, that the awesome and unmistakeable Karen Pery had sent it which both surprised and delighted me because that’s Karen’s actual job title; surprise and delighter (delighterer?)! ????????✨THANK YOU!

We were talking book writing and I threw out an idea that it would be cool to create a book with surfing analogies. Turns out this one has exactly that and Karen very thoughtfully ordered one there and then and had it sent to me.

Life is a wave. Let’s go ride it!



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A great interview with Tara Rodden Robinson from Artist Lisa Congdon:

Today on the blog in my Interviews with People I Admire series, a chat with author Tara Rodden Robinson about the myths of time and productivity & her latest book on the topic. For anyone who struggles with their relationship to time, this is for you. Happy Friday, friends.

Read the full article here: lisacongdon.com/blog/2016/04/tara-rodden-robinson/


Tara Rodden Robinson // On Productivity

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Choose Yourself!

Hey Folks.

I haven’t posted much lately. Honestly, I am not sure on the overall direction of this blog and I’m ok with that. I know that the blog title includes my name and so therefore it can be about things related to myself.

In the past it included reflections on the simple things in life and my experiences.

I do know that I love to help and encourage people and hopefully even inspire them to do good stuff. Life can be hard and anything we can do to lighten the load of another has to be a good thing.

With this in mind, I have decided to share things that I am finding useful or helpful on my own journey, or themes that come up that I hope you can take something from. I hope you enjoy following along.

Right now I’m reading and can recommend this really great book called Choose Yourself by James Altucher.

It is about choosing ourselves rather than waiting for someone to come by and choose us, for example, many authors are now self publishing books with great success. Seth Godin similarly tells us to pick ourselves.

It’s what I unknowingly did when I set up my own YouTube channel which now has over 11K subscribers and 1.5 million views and even earns me a little of what every entrepreneur ultimately dreams of; “passive income“. I tell you this not to brag, but because I know that the ideas in the book actually work because I have direct experience of doing this myself. More on how all of this happened in future posts. I basically chose myself to do something when I wasn’t getting “picked”.

Here is an overview of the book:

The world is changing. Markets have crashed. Jobs have disappeared. Industries have been disrupted and are being remade before our eyes. Everything we aspired to for “security,” everything we thought was “safe,” no longer is: College. Employment. Retirement. Government. It’s all crumbling down. In every part of society, the middlemen are being pushed out of the picture. No longer is someone coming to hire you, to invest in your company, to sign you, to pick you. It’s on you to make the most important decision in your life: Choose Yourself.

New tools and economic forces have emerged to make it possible for individuals to create art, make millions of dollars and change the world without “help.” More and more opportunities are rising out of the ashes of the broken system to generate real inward success (personal happiness and health) and outward success (fulfilling work and wealth).

This book will teach you to do just that. With dozens of case studies, interviews and examples–including the author, investor and entrepreneur James Altucher’s own heartbreaking and inspiring story–Choose Yourself illuminates your personal path to building a bright, new world out of the wreckage of the old.

You can get Choose Yourself on Amazon (Non affiliate link)

James will even refund you the cost of the book! Full details here.

Choose Yourself!

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– Emma