How Launching an Online DJ School Changed My Life

In this article I am sharing an interview with the awesome Janelle Allen of Zen Courses about how launching my online DJ School changed my life.

ZCS 007: Emma Holmes (DJ Short-E) – How Launching an Online DJ School Changed Her Life

Today’s guest is Emma Holmes aka DJ Short-E from, where she helps new and experienced DJs learn how to scratch on vinyl records.

In this episode, Emma shares her journey into entrepreneurship, including all the starts and stops. She also shares how she built her online school, School of Scratch and how going all-in changed her life.

In this Episode, you’ll learn…

  • How Emma turned a lifelong dream into an online school

  • The gradual steps she took to teach her online courses full time

  • The tools and tactics she used to build her online courses

  • The methods she uses to teach a hands-on subject like DJing

  • The methods she uses to build community and engagement

  • How she overcame the limiting thoughts that tried to stop her

Sites & Tools Mentioned

You can view the original interview on Janelle’s website here:

if you have any questions about creating online courses and communities, you can connect with me here.