Afro Tea

I got some Afro Tea “Cairo” blend for Christmas.

This blend of Rooibos, Mate, Honeybush and Chun-Mee Green Tea are blended to perfection to create a fresh aroma. Carob, apple pieces and nana mint add an additional fruity tone.

I recommend.

It comes in a cool tin like this:

Perfect for making in a pot and drinking out of a small teacup, when time permits.

A favourite little ritual of mine.

Shower Up

I’m a big fan of taking a shower.

It resets my brain.

Everything becomes new as the massaging effect of the water on my head seems to create new ideas.

I get some of my best insights in the shower.

No matter how hard a day, most of it can be washed away, leaving me fresh and ready to begin again in the very next moment.

Coupled with an indulgent exotic fragranced shampoo and shower gel, I can’t think of a better way to wind down.

Similarly, in the morning on waking, I don’t quite feel human until after my shower. The steam gently opens my airways and allows me to breathe deep and prepare for the upcoming day.

Morning or evening, I truly appreciate the shower.

I don’t have a picture of a shower today. I do however have a picture of some clouds which, after all, often turn into outdoor showers and make their way as rain into our water system. Maybe that means I showered with a cloud. I like that idea.


Are you a fan of the shower, or maybe you are more a bath type person?

I would love to hear your thoughts here.


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The Gift Of Friendship

Lately I’ve been reflecting on my friends.

I really appreciate them.

They ask me how I am, even when they can sense the answer isn’t going to be pretty (and they can always sense it).

They don’t try to fix everything, instead simply listen and help me feel ok for feeling the way I do, even if that feeling is somewhat negative.

They offer suggestions on improvement, but never force change.

They help me see the wood for the trees and help me feel like I am not going crazy for how I feel in that moment or about a situation.

They often know just what so say to help me.

Sometimes that may mean they say nothing at all, because that is the very best thing to do in that moment.

Sometimes they simply just sit with me.

They instinctively know when and how to provide just the right amount of distraction in the form of a visit to a coffee shop or wander around.

They often call or text out the blue, just at the point when I really need a little boost.

Finally, they always know how to make me laugh. After all, laughter really is the best medicine.

Thanks friends! I heart you! xxx

What is your experience of friendship?

I would love to hear your thoughts here.


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The Luxury of Simple

I saw this image / article in a magazine today:

It made me stop and think.

I have never considered the concept that simple is luxury. Have you?

Not once have I had the desire for my life to be more complex, most of the time I yearn for it to be simpler.

This has led to me doing things such as minimising my possessions and cutting out the unnecessary in as many areas as possible.

Minimal, stress free, clutter free living seems to be gaining popularity worldwide, perhaps because of this yearning for the luxury of simple.

There is an entire (holiday / vacation) industry set up where people part with their hard earned cash so they can experience the luxury of simple for a few weeks of the year.

I feel luxury is often seen as something that you buy, that can cost large amounts of money.

I love that the luxury of simple concept challenges this thinking.

Some of my favourite ways I experience the luxury of simplicity include:

  • Walking
  • Breathing
  • Yoga
  • Surfing
  • Riding bikes
  • Being in nature
  • Watching clouds
  • Appreciating simple home made whole food
  • Drinking tea
  • Focusing on one thing at a time
  • Talking with friends and family, really listening and connecting
  • Having the time and space to do absolutely nothing if desired

How about you? How do you experience the luxury of simple?

Would you be willing to share with me here?


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Smiling at Old People

A simple pleasure of mine is smiling at old people.

In my experience most smile back.

It seems like maybe they didn’t expect me to smile.

I like to think that. Surprise is good. It adds some spice to the day.

I don’t know why they wouldn’t expect a smile, maybe not many people smile in the street in general.

I find it easier to smile at older people, because they seem friendly and also I can run faster than them if they take my smile the wrong way and want to pick a fight! The later has never happened incidentally.

Maybe it is because they generally live at a slower pace and actually have time to notice that someone is walking past them.

Perhaps they are not as pre-occupied with the shopping, the errands, the striving for more that my generation sometimes seems caught up in.

I hope when I am older I will see young people smiling at me. I will most definitely smile back (and I promise not to pick a fight).

Do you ever smile at old people in the street?

Would you be willing to share your experience with me here?


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Simple Pleasure: Izumi Omori Artwork

I stumbled upon this card yesterday which brought a brightness to my day, refreshing my tired eyes:

I can almost taste the salt sea air and feel the flowers waving in the breeze.


I discovered Izumi Omori’s work this summer in the small towns of St Ives and St Just, both situated in the far western part of Cornwall, UK. An area that I find simply magical. Aside from the clear blue water and September surf, there is a deep history of tin mining and tales of smuggling and treachery amidst the sea mists and rugged landscape that most people have only experienced through a certain pirate movie.

Such a simple pleasure, the vibrant colours and textures were just what I needed to make me stop and smile.

If you appreciate it you may like to dive a little deeper into Izumi’s work here.

What simple thing / experience has brought you joy today?

Would you be willing to share with me here?


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The Best Time is Tea Time Revisited

Recently I wrote about the best time being tea time.

Today I discovered my favourite brand of Rooibos Tea in Earl Grey Variety:

Earl Grey is something of an acquired taste to some, but I love the delicate flavour.

It was a nice change to my usual vanilla.

To accompany my tea, I spotted a mug in the cupboard with this message:

Risk more than others think is safe,
Care more than others think is wise,
Dream more than others think is practical,
Expect more than others think is possible.

– Cadet Maxim

Something inspiring to muse on and question how I am doing this currently over my cup.

Not my average tea time.


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Morning Sun

This morning I got stuck in traffic.

This was a good thing.

It allowed me to notice the steam rising off the wooden fences in the early morning sun. I took a picture but it did not fully capture the beauty, or the steam effect. The evaporating mists blew in amazing patterns as cars drove by.

I wound down my window and was surprised to feel the heat from the sun on my face, this late in October.

I contemplated the earth tilting on its axis and the leaves dropping from the trees.

Blue, green and orange go together so well.

I’m glad I got delayed today.

It was just what I needed.



The Best Time is Tea Time

I recently read How To Travel with Tea by Gwen Bell, which caused me to reflect on my own tea habit.

My tea of choice is Dragonfly Vanilla Rooibos:

It is caffeine free which is great for me, as the rate at which I drink tea would cause me heart palpitations. I speak from experience on this point.

I love that I can this tea drink tea right before bed, yet still fall asleep without my heart racing.

There is something special about the vanilla aroma. I find it luxurious and comforting.

When I travel, I usually take my own bone china mug and teabags. It makes me feel instantly at home.

Whilst in St Ives this summer, the apartment I was staying in provided tea with this quote printed on the back which sums it up perfectly:

And relax…

I am on the lookout for a teabag travel case, tiny and compact. Can you recommend one?

What is your tea of choice?


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