I’m Home Wherever I’m At with Gary Mahler

A talk with my coach Gary Mahler

Gary unapologetically describes himself as a reformed asshole and is focusing his work on helping other assholes do their own transformation!

He’s a peaceful warrior. That’s a really great way to describe him. He’s so quietly confident and sincere that you find yourself wanting him to cut into you with his supportive scalpel so you can free yourself from the dead weight of your false beliefs that hold you back.

We have the pleasure of being with Gary LIVE today here at The Captain’s Quarters in Arizona with an amazing film crew, so that will bring the vibe even higher.


TOUGH TALKS: I’m Home Wherever I’m At with Gary Mahler


Failure to Commit is the High Cost of Low Living

Originally posted by Steve Hardison, The Ultimate Coach, here with the following words:

As requested by dozens of you
This IS NOT a 2:10 second video. It is a 2 hour and 10 minute video on COMMITMENT. If, and when you watch it, please do not watch it about me or the football player, watch it about you and your commitment.
For those of you who dedicate the time to watch it I PROMISE you there will be a shift in your commitment in your life and toward your life. AFTER you have watched it if you will private message and request of me, I will send you a two chapter follow up on keeping your commitment alive over time.
Locving you. Be Blessed. SFH/kab
Chris Dorris, sorry about the lip:)

For My Content Creator Friends

For anyone who wants to create content. I’ve captured the main points underneath this video if Gary Vee’s style ain’t your thing, keep scrolling down…

  • Content needs to be real to you.
  • Make content that is your biggest truth.
  • Only talk about your truth.
  • Be honest and authentic.
  • Don’t pander to the state of what is currently accepted.
  • Shoot your truth 24/7.
  • Stop trying to figure out what will work.
  • Instead… your individual truth of the moment is what will work.
  • You can put out a ton of content.
  • Nobody is putting out content because everybody is overthinking it and pandering to what works and likes, or will it get shared = insecurities and defence.
  • People want truths.
  • Your biggest strength is that you are an individual human.
  • It’s dangerous to have your self esteem wrapped up in how many likes your posts get on instagram.
  • Do you and never waver from that.