Deleting Old Creative Work

I just deleted a whole load of old digital creative work that was sitting on my hard drive.

This included gigs and gigs of:

  • artwork
  • graphic design
  • website designs
  • website code
  • client work
  • video projects
  • music production
  • inspiration – others artwork and musings
  • ebooks

My reasoning: where I’m going, I won’t need it. The future is about creating.

The digital past is taking up way too much digital space and head space and there is no need for it.

My old work is simply not up to the standard I see in my head moving forwards and although it can be useful to reflect on past work, I think it is way more useful to move forwards.

Why was I hanging onto it? 

Thoughts ranged from:

  • What if I need it in the future?
  • Keep it just in case you go back to that kind of work and need a portfolio
  • I might need it to get inspired
  • What if I want to publish it as an archive in the future? It could be valuable!
  • What if I don’t make anything as good in the future?!

This to me is The Resistance at work. Extra baggage that halts the creative process and stops me from creating something better. There is also an element of fear and having a backup plan in there somewhere. Pure nonsense! Get over it, I told myself.

I burnt all bridges and moved ahead.



Ahh, and relax. Feel the space. Time to create something new.

Keep pushing, keep striving, keep making.

Now THAT is exciting!

What are you hanging onto that you could let go of?

One thought on “Deleting Old Creative Work

  1. I wish I had your courage Emma! I also felt like purging all my old articles and work, so I could start fresh and be creative. I deleted my twitter and my old articles on I deleted my current four blogs but, after talking to my wife and some friends, I undeleted them. They told me to still hang on to them since people still read them and I still make money through ads on them. I guess I caved in. Also, I could ignore my old blogs and create a new blog. I’d have the added benefit of being able to link from my old blogs to it and direct traffic. Still, at some level, I feel like I’m compromising.

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