For My Content Creator Friends

For anyone who wants to create content. I’ve captured the main points underneath this video if Gary Vee’s style ain’t your thing, keep scrolling down…

  • Content needs to be real to you.
  • Make content that is your biggest truth.
  • Only talk about your truth.
  • Be honest and authentic.
  • Don’t pander to the state of what is currently accepted.
  • Shoot your truth 24/7.
  • Stop trying to figure out what will work.
  • Instead… your individual truth of the moment is what will work.
  • You can put out a ton of content.
  • Nobody is putting out content because everybody is overthinking it and pandering to what works and likes, or will it get shared = insecurities and defence.
  • People want truths.
  • Your biggest strength is that you are an individual human.
  • It’s dangerous to have your self esteem wrapped up in how many likes your posts get on instagram.
  • Do you and never waver from that.

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