Happy Birthday Dad!

I left my Dad’s birthday gathering inside the family home and stepped out into the in the darkness. It was pouring outside.

He put up an umbrella to keep us dry and walked me to my car, gift of coronas in hand.

We said goodbye and I drove away out of his sight.

I could have driven 2 other ways to get back to the main road and continue my journey.

This time however, I chose the ‘turn around’ option that would take me past the family home once again.

Driving back down the road towards the house, I briefly wondered if my Dad would still be outside. But why would he be? It was cold, dark, raining and he had no way of knowing which route I would take back home.

But sure enough, there he was, waiting patiently in the pouring rain to see if I would drive back past, smiling like the sun and waving me off.

Because that’s the sort of thing great Dads do.

Thank you for always braving the cold, rainy dark times with me Dad. You are a ray of sunshine!

Wishing you once again a very Happy Birthday for yesterday.







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