How To Not Fix Everything

One of the greatest gifts people give me is the simple art of listening.

They don’t try to fix things.

They hear me out patiently, only adding words if needs be and never just for the sake of it.

They are patient and understanding about the fact that I am, more often than not, working out there and then how I actually feel and what I think about something by verbalising it to their ears.

They know that they do not have to create a solution on the spot, rather, they let me think it through myself as I talk it out.

I always feel better after and usually no action has been taken, other than the fact that I have got clear about how I feel and I know how to deal with whatever it was that was bothering me. I know then what I have to do.

I cannot put a price on that.

Thanks for listening to me.

How do people help you by listening? How do you help others by listening?

Tell me here.


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