I Adore You

I recently purchased this hot foil print from my friend Belinda Love Lee:


It might usually be considered the type of item you would give to a significant other or loved one.

I chose to purchase this for myself.

Because what if we adored ourselves?

I don’t mean in a narcissistic way. I just mean, what if we could see ourselves through the eyes of those that really do adore us.

What if no one adores me? It doesn’t matter. Make it up.

Actually, your higher self adores you and is crying out for you to do the same.

What would someone who adored you think of you? What would they say about you? How would they view your so called “faults” or bad habits? What would they say about your struggles?

Can you reframe yourself in this way and move a step closer to adoring yourself?

I think adoring ourselves also means taking care of ourselves in the following ways:

– Physical care – being mindful about what you eat and drink and exercise.
– Getting enough rest.
– Creating space to do the things you love or that give your life meaning.
– Creating space to do things that restore you.
– Work on the projects that inspire and challenge us.
– Focusing.
– Saying no.
– Reading that book we said we would.
– Starting that project.

How do we treat those that we adore?

– With kindness
– With love
– With respect
– Listen to them
– Give them space
– Give them time
– Treat them
– Take them to places you know they like
– Get the little things you know they like
– Tell them all the good things about them
– Tell them when they did something great
– I love it when you x,y,z.

How can you step into adoring yourself?

It’s easy to adore someone else, how about turning that around and adoring yourself for a change.

The highest part of ourselves adores us, surely it’s time to respond and honour that.

Be well.

6 thoughts on “I Adore You

  1. OMG Emma this is awesome! Right on, I also came to work on self love as a key to… everything good and valuable. Including money, I’d never had the idea 🙂
    Go for it, and keep shining through writing! Love to you.

  2. Omgosh Emma, this is so beautifully written and such a poignant topic we often neglect. I love this and I love that little print inspired you! So much love to you, you’re awesome!

    • Hey Maria! Thanks for visiting. 😀 I never thought of it as easy but when I look at the list it seems way more achiveable!

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