I Love Washing Dishes*

*When I have nothing else to do.

When I was on holiday I really enjoyed washing dishes.

I had nothing urgent to do at all besides enjoy the moment.

I took my time washing each dish.

I was not thinking where I was going, or of some place I had to be.

I had no plans.

The dishes loved it.

Each dish and piece of cutlery got washed and rinsed with care.

It also allows me to look out of the window and enjoy sights like this:

Sunset Over Dishes

The challenge I find is to take this approach in day to day life, when there is more going on and you have more places to be.

It is of course, great to be able to practice at least twice a day.
Something I am working on.
Happy Dishwashing.

3 thoughts on “I Love Washing Dishes*

  1. I try to practice present moment awareness whenever I’m feeling anxious, and it calms me down. It helped me more than all the self-help books I read. I simply concentrate for a few minutes on what I’m doing. For example, if I’m walking, I keep telling myself “I’m walking, I’m walking”, and I pay attention on walking. I can only do this for a few minutes before I start daydreaming or something, but this is enough to refresh me.

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