One Month of Writing Daily

Today marks the 1 month anniversary of my decision to write everyday.

This was something that I found challenging, demanding and overwhelming at times, but ultimately, extremely rewarding, freeing and I am very glad to be experiencing it.

What did I learn?

  • I learnt to hit publish every single day.
  • I learnt to perseve and be disciplined.
  • I learnt to do the work and recognise the many forms of resistance that stop me.
  • I embraced the viewpoint that “Everyone is talented, original and has something to say” and endeavoured to apply this to my thinking of myself.
  • I learnt that there are many things to write and share if I just stay aware each moment of each day.
  • I learnt to trust the flow of creativity.
  • I learnt that there are people reading my work that value the experiences I share.
  • I learnt to ask questions and listen for answers.
  • I learnt to speak from my own experience and hopefully not “tell” you how anything is for you or what to do.

Most of all, I learnt that the only thing that stops me writing everyday is me.

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this journey and encouraged me with comments and questions.

So… is that the end of me writing everyday?

No way.

I must continue, I am just getting started.

What is your experience of writing daily?

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