Surfing with my Coach. Talking Story – You are Already That

Surfing with my coach. Talking story.

“You are already that.”

During a coaching session with my coach Gary L Mahler on the lanai yesterday at Aloha Condo in Waikiki, he shared those words with me as I was describing that which I thought I needed to do to become who I want to be.

And then:

“You think that doing this or that on the outside makes you that, but it doesn’t. You taking action doesn’t make make you that. You are already that.”
I sat and let that sink in.

When you know you are already that, the thing that changes is the action. Any action taken then comes from that place of knowing. Rather than taking action to make you that which you think you are not which you actually already are.

I could feel the difference between these two.

In here lies freedom to create. You are that already!


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