The Gift Of Friendship

Lately I’ve been reflecting on my friends.

I really appreciate them.

They ask me how I am, even when they can sense the answer isn’t going to be pretty (and they can always sense it).

They don’t try to fix everything, instead simply listen and help me feel ok for feeling the way I do, even if that feeling is somewhat negative.

They offer suggestions on improvement, but never force change.

They help me see the wood for the trees and help me feel like I am not going crazy for how I feel in that moment or about a situation.

They often know just what so say to help me.

Sometimes that may mean they say nothing at all, because that is the very best thing to do in that moment.

Sometimes they simply just sit with me.

They instinctively know when and how to provide just the right amount of distraction in the form of a visit to a coffee shop or wander around.

They often call or text out the blue, just at the point when I really need a little boost.

Finally, they always know how to make me laugh. After all, laughter really is the best medicine.

Thanks friends! I heart you! xxx

What is your experience of friendship?

I would love to hear your thoughts here.


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